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Why Program Management?

I truly believe that being a Project / Program or Technical Program Manager is one of the most rewarding and impactful careers. It enables someone to truly own and drive initiatives that bring enormous value to an organization and therefore provides fantastic opportunities for career growth. Aside from technical skills and problem solving, It requires vision, strategic thinking, building relationships and leadership. It is a unique role that sits in between the technology and business, creating synergy between the two, while multiplying the effectiveness and efficiency of both. For me, starting on the Program Management journey was one of the best choices I have made and I want to help others and make a difference for those of you who are starting or interested in rapidly growing on your path to an amazing career.

What can I do to help? Let’s talk about formulating your vision, roadmap and preparation for success.

How to Become a TPM

I am often asked how did I become a TPM or what can I do to become a TPM? I have to admit it is not an easy question. Program Management is different than many other information technology fields in that it doesn’t really have a traditional path to it. You can go to schoolContinue reading “How to Become a TPM”

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