How to Become a TPM

I am often asked how did I become a TPM or what can I do to become a TPM? I have to admit it is not an easy question. Program Management is different than many other information technology fields in that it doesn’t really have a traditional path to it. You can go to schoolContinue reading “How to Become a TPM”

Managing Innovative Programs

The word innovation has a very positive connotation. Forging a new path, trailblazing sounds exciting, interesting, vital to growth. All of these ideas are true. In fact, often times innovation is not a nice to have, it is must have. It is not just what businesses and organizations should do in order to thrive, itContinue reading “Managing Innovative Programs”

Keys to Business Performance

The their book “Accelerating Performance” Colin Price & Sharon Toyle introduced a concept of META (Mobilize, Execute, Transform, Agility) which their research concludes are the most important keys to why some business succeed and accelerate, while some wither away. Let’s take a quick look at what each of these four factors mean: Mobilize Mobilization meansContinue reading “Keys to Business Performance”

The Future of IT

Covid-19 had a huge impact on workers all over the world with thousands of people losing their jobs in a variety of industries. However, due to the shelter in place and work from home, large technology companies continued to prosper with Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Netflix turning larger than ever earnings and exponentially increasing theContinue reading “The Future of IT”


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