Free Group Mentoring Sessions

Over the past several years 100s of people have approached me online and in person with questions about starting their journey in program management or moving up in their existing careers. I am super lucky to be able to work on some really awesome things, and also make fair share of mistakes along the way that I got to learn from. I am so happy to share the lessons of those successes as well as failures with you. I truly believe that conversation and the art of listening is one of the greatest gifts we have. It’s my privilege to spent time with you and learn together.

Please schedule the time in the calendar below. If you can mention the subjects you are interested in discussing, we’ll have even more wonderful and impactful dialogue.

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If you enjoyed our mentoring session and are interested in more in depth coaching you can set up a free 30 into coaching session or a more in-depth coaching engagement catered to your specific needs here

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