Path to Green. How to get a project back on track

Being a TPM on a project or a program that is going well is not very challenging. The team you are leading is a well oiled machine that keeps deliveringContinue reading “Path to Green. How to get a project back on track”

Interview Prep Resources for TPMs

Preparing for interviews isn’t easy. There is a variety of topics to refresh and the amount of unknowns is infinite. However, there are a few resources and steps that canContinue reading “Interview Prep Resources for TPMs”

Project Milestone Prioritization – The Quantitative Approach

One of the great struggles of running complex programs is how to prioritize limited resources to work on a number of seemingly critical milestones. The traditional agile approach is toContinue reading “Project Milestone Prioritization – The Quantitative Approach”

Program Structure and Executive Sponsor Alignment

Early on in my career as TPM I have realized that a program has almost no chance of success unless there is an early and strong alignment with the businessContinue reading “Program Structure and Executive Sponsor Alignment”

Designing a Software System is like Designing a House

When I first started leading software projects that involved system design, I thought system design is some sort of dark magic that only a few special individuals posses. How doContinue reading “Designing a Software System is like Designing a House”

How to increase your productivity and avoid procrastination

A lot of us equate productivity with time spent “working”. I hear people say, I work 10 hours a day or I work 24/7. But in reality productivity has veryContinue reading “How to increase your productivity and avoid procrastination”